{300}{338}They cancelled it, really?
{338}{413}I didn't even know the new season had started.
{415}{525}- Well, that's something you don't see every day.|- Uh... Yes sir!
{670}{730}It's a nice outfit.
{742}{825}- It's very, uh...|- Civilian?
{825}{888}Well, yeah, that's one way of putting it...
{888}{950}Uh so, what is this?|Girls day out?
{950}{1020}Well, yes. If I'm gonna|integrate into earth society,
{1020}{1120}we thought it was very important that|I immerse myself in the local cultural offerings.
{1120}{1300}- And by cultural offerings, you mean...?|- Pedicures, mochachinos and... Victoria Secret.
{1303}{1425}Well, we're scheduled to go offworld in about|an hour and though you both look... fantastic,
{1425}{1488}I suggest you might wanna lose the heels.
{1488}{1548}{Y:i}Unscheduled offworld activation.
{1548}{1598}Ladies first.
{1678}{1735}Sir, we're receiving a video transmission.
{1735}{1783}Let's see it.
{1788}{1905}{Y:i}Hello... hello?|Is this thing working?!
{1906}{1963}This is General Landry of Stargate Command.
{1963}{2031}{Y:i}Oh General!|It is a pleasure.
{2031}{2088}{Y:i}I don't get out to|your end of the galaxy much, but
{2088}{2183}{Y:i}I have a friend who lives in the area and|he speaks very highly of your people.
{2183}{2248}{Y:i}Now, maybe you know him,|a friendly little guy with a beard.
{2248}{2333}{Y:i}Lives on a planet formerly occupied by a female system Lord...
{2333}{2358}I don't, uh...
{2358}{2463}{Y:i}Um Bro'vac... Ro'bac.|Does the name sound familiar?
{2463}{2531}No, it doesn't.|Now, what's this about?
{2531}{2581}{Y:i}Sir, I have some information for you,
{2581}{2688}{Y:i}information that could impact|the very survival of your world.
{2733}{2783}You know this man?
{2791}{2866}A little... he's my father.
{3220}{3332}Stargate SG-1 - Season 10 Episode 18|"Family Ties"
{3622}{3722}Synchronisation: Flo, Goretex,|Malikay, Ricana, Tchetchene.
{3840}{3940}Edition: Flo, Goretex, Malikay, Ricana, Tchetchene.|Transcript :
{4120}{4220}Relecture: Niko.
{4513}{4568}{Y:i}Vala! Is that you?
{4568}{4598}Yes, it is!
{4598}{4658}{Y:i}Sweetheart, how is life treating you?
{4658}{4701}Certainly better than you ever did!
{4744}{4876}{Y:i}I suppose for the benefit of your friends, you're gonna|want to list all the reasons why I was such a bad father.
{4876}{4981}Oh, I wish I could, but a wormhole|can only be maintained for 38 minutes.
{4981}{5026}{Y:i}You've got your father's wit.
{5026}{5126}It's hardly enough time to cover your inadequacies|as both a parent and a Human being in general.
{5126}{5209}{Y:i}And your mother's uncanny|ability to hold a grudge.
{5209}{5289}You said you had some information for us?
{5289}{5376}{Y:i}Yes! Let me through and we'll discuss.
{5376}{5436}Alright, provided Vala will vouch for you.
{5436}{5486}I most certainly will not.
{5489}{5531}{Y:i}You'll want to hear this.
{5531}{5659}{Y:i}The information I have, has to do|with Arkad's plot to attack your planet.
{5659}{5704}Arkad is dead.
{5704}{5851}{Y:i}Well, he may be dead but the threat|he set in motion still exists.
{5854}{5914}{Y:i}Take your time, there's no pressure,
{5914}{6026}{Y:i}just that your whole planet could|very well blow up at any moment.
{6051}{6089}Chevron 6 encoded.
{6089}{6174}So what's the deal with the accent,|or in your father's case, the lack thereof?
{6174}{6289}Well, the accent, like most of my other good qualities,|I got from my mother. My charm, my wit, my good looks...
{6289}{6331}What'd you get from your dad?
{6331}{6364}Some minor food allergies.
{6364}{6399}{Y:i}Chevron 7 locked.
{6762}{6814}I have a bad feeling about this.
{6814}{6864}{Y:i}Of course you do!
{6884}{6977}That's because I raised|you to be cautious, wary.
{6977}{7022}Mother raised me.
{7032}{7069}Which one?
{7099}{7132}My... mother!
{7132}{7172}Oh, right.
{7187}{7262}- Hug for daddy?|- You're lucky I'm not allowed to kill you.
{7262}{7329}Well, so much for happy family reunions.
{7329}{7402}What do you know about Arkad|and the attacks he was planning?
{7402}{7540}Quite a lot and I'm prepared to tell you everything|I know, in exchange for sanctuary on Earth.
{7540}{7571}There's the angle.
{7571}{7747}Ok, I was a terrible husband, and admittedly, probably|not the best father figure, although I've seen worse.
{7747}{7855}But I've put all that behind me, because|I'm trying to change. Trying to better myself.
{7855}{7979}Which is why I'm here now, risking my life|to tell you that, before Arkad died,
{7979}{8155}he sent out several naquadah loaded cargo|ships in preparation for an attack on Earth.
{8155}{8254}And those cargo ships,|my friends, are still out there,
{8254}{8316}waiting to be launched.
{8319}{8401}And I know their location.
{8514}{8546}{Y:i}Can't you see what he's doing?|He's spent an entire lifetime,
{8546}{8590}Can't you see what he's doing?|He's spent an entire lifetime,
{8590}{8666}taking advantage of people, and now|that they're finally catching up with him,
{8666}{8740}he thinks he can use us|to hide from his enemies.
{8740}{8785}But that's not really the issue here.
{8785}{8838}Sam's right, if...|Jacek is telling the truth
{8838}{8920}and there are still a bunch of naquadah loaded|cargo ships out there, then this deal is a no-brainer.
{8920}{8963}If he is telling the truth.
{8963}{9059}Thus far, the Jaffa have been unable|to corroborate any part of his story.
{9059}{9139}Well they wouldn't, if Arkad was careful enough to cover his tracks.
{9139}{9214}If the threat is real, we can't let|any of those cargo ships blow up.
{9214}{9272}Time is of the essence.
{9288}{9375}Well, there is one way to find out|if he's being straight with us.
{9375}{9420}Alright, check it out.
{9420}{9551}If his intel is good,|then Jacek has himself a deal.
{9674}{9722}Doctor Lam?
{9745}{9800}As you were, sergeant.
{9902}{9971}Carolyn, I've been thinking.
{9971}{10096}Ah, see... now, whenever you preface what you're about|to say whit "I've been thinking", what you're actually doing
{10096}{10218}is preparing me for some revelation you just had,|so should I be sitting down for this?
{10218}{10290}It's been a while, since|I last spoke to your Mother.
{10292}{10330}Yeah, a little over five years.
{10330}{10395}We were married for twelve.
{10398}{10440}What brought this on all of a sudden?
{10440}{10518}Well, I've been thinking about it,|ever since you came to work here.
{10518}{10578}About reaching out to your Mother.
{10578}{10691}At least opening up some|kind of communication with her.
{10738}{10802}So, how do you wanna do this?
{10803}{10854}I was thinking about giving her a call.
{10856}{10906}Just like that?|Just out of the blue?
{10968}{11029}She's in Europe for|a couple of weeks, so...
{11029}{11150}when she gets back, why don't|I call her and put in a good word for you?
{11150}{11198}Thank you.
{11213}{11260}You're welcome.
{11741}{11786}You've come all this way for nothing.
{11786}{11813}The cargo ships won't be there.
{11813}{11900}My Father will have played you all for fools|and this will all have been a giant waste of time.
{11900}{11985}Not entirely. If the ships aren't|there, we'll have called his bluff
{11985}{12048}and you can tell us that|you were right all along.
{12048}{12111}Bet I will.
{12322}{12404}Entering high orbit.|Scanning.
{12404}{12438}What have we got?
{12438}{12505}We're picking up only twelve|life signs on the planet surface.
{12505}{12536}That's it?
{12536}{12604}We're also picking up|a significant concentration of naquadah.
{12604}{12640}These readings are through the roof!
{12640}{12701}Looks like the intel's good.
{12701}{12739}Sir, we're picking up movement.
{12739}{12788}We've been detected.|They're making a break for it.
{12788}{12838}Those ships must not be allowed to escape.
{12838}{12886}Lock onto their position and fire.
{12886}{12911}Yes, sir.
{13014}{13041}Missiles are tracking.
{13046}{13100}Impact in five seconds.
{13200}{13241}One. Impact.
{13367}{13460}I'm reading a massive secondary explosion.
{13490}{13569}How much naquadah was down there?
{13604}{13653}{Y:i}General, you're making a terrible mistake!
{13654}{13699}Oh, with all... due respect!
{13699}{13737}It's not too late to change your mind.
{13738}{13804}I made a deal!|I'm not going back on my word.
{13804}{13871}Then, might I suggest a more liberal|interpretation of the agreement?
{13871}{13944}For instance, the word, sanctuary,|could mean anything from accomodations
{13944}{14023}in an idylic tropical setting,|to, say, a lifetimes incarceration
{14023}{14085}in one of this planets|more unpleasant penal facilities.
{14085}{14134}Forget it.
{14474}{14540}Ok, I'll go back for|the rest of my stuff later.
{14540}{14666}I tell ya, travel is becoming|more and more difficult every day.
{14679}{14779}I'm General Landry.|Jacek, welcome to Earth.
{14814}{14870}A fresh start on a brand new world!
{14870}{14969}I have a feeling I'm going|to like it here very much!
{15267}{15292}Come in!
{15472}{15591}- This came for you, today.    - Ah, since when|did you assume mail delivery duties at the base?
{15591}{15638}It's from your Father.
{15786}{15867}I'll just file that away for later.
{15880}{15949}It's been three weeks|since he came to Earth
{15949}{16025}and you've ignored every attempt|he's made to get in touch with you.
{16025}{16113}Well, I've been terribly busy.
{16203}{16328}I think family should always come first.|I learned that the hard way.
{16357}{16468}How? Were you absent for the first|three years of your daughter's life,
{16468}{16579}- because you were too busy running|scams out of the Nilas sector?    - No,
{16587}{16702}but I did allow my career to take precedent over|the things that should have been more important to me.
{16702}{16784}Birthdays, anniversarys.
{16817}{16873}My daughter's graduation.
{16915}{16998}No offence, General, but|there really is no comparison.
{16998}{17154}You had a legitimate occupation.|My Father's career choice was decidedly less noble.
{17167}{17318}He'd be gone for months at a time, only to return|to lay low or to hide from the people he had swindled.
{17318}{17388}What were things like|when he was at home?
{17524}{17556}Well, I...
{17556}{17650}actually looked forward to the times|that he would grace us with his presence.
{17651}{17728}I was young and he was my father.
{17744}{17830}Sometimes he'd return late,|in the middle of the night,
{17830}{17937}and I would wait to find him|asleep at the foot of my bed.
{17967}{18051}I was so excited, I couldn't wait|until morning, and I would
{18051}{18166}prod him awake and make him tell|me all about his great adventures.
{18197}{18273}He'd always have something for me, too.|A fancy ring, a pretty necklace.
{18273}{18400}Things that he'd bring back from his|many travels. I treasured those keepsakes.
{18414}{18499}Memories of my father, that|I kept stored away, under my bed.
{18499}{18591}Until I was old enough to see|them for what they really were:
{18591}{18683}Worthless trinkets|mean't to curry my favour.
{18706}{18787}He might feel differently about that.
{18807}{18848}You don't know him.
{18862}{18913}No, I don't.
{18996}{19082}But I do know that he...
{19082}{19182}spent every day of the last three weeks,|trying to get in touch with you.
{19182}{19280}Which tells me that you must|be very important to him.
{19280}{19378}Possibly, much more than you know.
{19550}{19673}You have some good memories of the times|you spent together, when you were a little girl.
{19705}{19753}Those times count, too.
{20046}{20157}Ah, Colonel Mitchell, Doctor Jackson!|Thanks for coming! Entrez!
{20172}{20246}- Are we interrupting something?|- No, we're just enjoying a quiet little....
{20246}{20309}- B10.|- Bingooo!
{20309}{20450}- B10?     - Alright, ladies, we've|gotta call it a day. Come on!
{20462}{20511}- Pay the winner!|- I never win.
{20511}{20565}Read 'em and weep!
{20568}{20611}All fair and square.
{20611}{20684}Every Tuesday and Thursday,|I host a little bingo afternoon for some
{20684}{20764}of the seniors in the building.|Gets them out of their apartments.
{20764}{20823}Thank you!|No running in the hall!
{20823}{20899}It gives them a chance to socialize.|It's good for them.
{20899}{20958}No loud parties after midnight!
{20958}{21020}- Bless their decrepit little hearts.|- That's it.
{21020}{21094}Be careful. A lot of cross|traffic in the halls, today.
{21094}{21153}Whoa, whoa, Hazel!|You're a little light!
{21190}{21281}Money confuses her,|when it's going out.
{21311}{21340}See you next time.
{21340}{21464}Oh, uh... Same time Thursday, and to make|up for today, I'm waiving the cover charge!
{21464}{21543}Yes, settling in quite nicely, thanks.
{21543}{21644}Yeah, we heard you haven't|exactly been a model citizen.
{21644}{21702}I'm not sure what you're referring to.
{21702}{21793}The charity phone scam.|Little Pepito needs a new set of kidneys.
{21794}{21903}Right, well, see... uh, the Airforce|provides me with a mere pittance.
{21903}{22025}It's hardly enough to live on.|I'm just looking to supplement my income.
{22025}{22137}Ok, there have been a few lapses in|judgement, but darn it, I'm working on it
{22137}{22266}and I just wish Vala could see that!|That's where you guys come in.
{22266}{22389}- Yeah, we figured that's why you asked us over.|- Well, you're her friends, she trusts you.
{22389}{22452}You want us to talk to her for you.
{22457}{22533}Well, I was going to suggest|tricking her into coming here, but
{22533}{22590}if you really think talking will work...
{22675}{22757}Please guys, I really|need to see my little girl.
{22794}{22917}If it's a matter of expenses, we can talk|about that later, if you get my drift.
{22917}{23045}We're not putting anything on paper of course,|but uh... give it some thought, I appreciate it.
{23103}{23127}Good news!
{23127}{23249}Uh, I got a call from Mom and she will|be in Colorado Springs on Friday.
{23249}{23375}- She will!   - Yes, she's passing through|and she's agreed to have dinner with you.
{23375}{23495}- She has!|- Well, so long as I come along, yeah.
{23518}{23634}- Ok, I thought you'd be thrilled.|- Oh, no, I am. That's uh...
{23634}{23700}- that's great news.|- Ok!
{23722}{23815}So, I'll make a dinner reservation|for Friday night, somewhere nice.
{23815}{23859}- Uh huh.|- Ok!
{23913}{24006}Oh, um, and you know that brown sports jacket|that you have, with the patches on the sleeves?
{24006}{24072}- Uh huh.|- Don't wear that.
{24264}{24345}- Where've you been?|- Uh, your father's place.
{24345}{24457}So, he wanted you to talk to me|on his behalf, didn't he?
{24458}{24517}- Yeah. Look, he really wants...|- You needn't bother.
{24517}{24648}- Look, you two obviously have some unresolved issues...|- I've already decided to pay him a visit.
{24860}{24899}Oh! devils!
{24999}{25033}I'm coming!
{25090}{25232}- Well, this is a surprise!|- I have not come seeking reconciliation,
{25232}{25339}or some deeper understanding of your|contemptible behaviour in my formative years.
{25339}{25395}I have come for one thing|and one thing, only.
{25395}{25540}- Well, if it's chicken casserole, you're in luck,|because I just...    - Catharsis. To that end...
{25574}{25666}How dare you implicate yourself|in my life after all these years!
{25666}{25761}You were never there for Mother, even though|you always expected us to be there for you,
{25761}{25884}whenever you needed a place to hide or|capital to help set up one of your latest scams.
{25884}{26010}My life has been a constant struggle against|the personal issues that you seeded!
{26010}{26096}And now that I am at Stargate Command|and I am finally happy with who I am,
{26096}{26191}you think you can come along and jeopardise|everything I've worked so hard to achieve!
{26191}{26292}Under no circumstances will I allow|you to screw that up for me!
{26320}{26399}Wow! Did you rehearse that?
{26430}{26454}A little.
{26599}{26624}I'm done.
{26635}{26711}That's it? You're gonna leave? But I made pie!
{26711}{26778}Well, I've said everything I needed to say.
{26778}{26846}But if it was just a matter of|getting that all off your chest,
{26846}{26992}you could have just as easily sent me a letter.|But you went to the effort to come see me.
{26999}{27033}Coming here was...
{27033}{27171}only to please my friends at Stargate Command and|stop them from giving me any more unsolicited advice.
{27171}{27248}Yes, it must be wonderful to have|friends who care about you.
{27248}{27324}Who support you in times of need.|Who... believe in you.
{27324}{27385}I have earned their trust.
{27385}{27492}At least you had the opportunity.|You won't even give me that.
{27492}{27537}You don't deserve it.
{27578}{27689}I don't suppose there's anything I could say|or do that would convince you that I'm not lying.
{27689}{27767}That I'm honestly trying to change!
{27803}{27859}No, there isn't.
{27915}{27996}Well then, before you go.
{28010}{28100}This is for you!|I got it from a trader on Maronat.
{28100}{28236}You know, that little world with|the twin suns, I used to take you to.
{28236}{28335}- I remember, Maronat.|- Do you still have your little treasure box?
{28335}{28443}Where you would store all the little gifts I used|to bring you, when you were just a little girl.
{28447}{28561}No, I threw that away a long time ago.
{28563}{28598}I understand.
{28621}{28675}Well, thanks for coming,
{28693}{28818}and even though it's too late,|I want you to know. I'm sorry.
{29038}{29111}- Having second thoughts?|- No...
{29111}{29171}I think the door is locked.
{29172}{29246}Ah! It sticks a little.
{29302}{29385}- There you go.|- Bye Jacek.
{29392}{29507}For once, in the last twenty years,|could you call me Dad?
{29529}{29606}You haven't earned that right, yet.
{29677}{29723}- Yet!|- I'll be in touch!
{29723}{29781}{Y:i}- Yet!|- I'll be in touch!
{29949}{30058}Vala!|I think you're gonna want to see this.
{30213}{30272}I found this on the internet.
{30292}{30422}{Y:i}It's time to tap into the source,|by unlocking the power of stardust!
{30456}{30610}{Y:i}Yes, genuine stardust. The very same stardust,|celebrities and professional athletes use.
{30610}{30736}{Y:i}To tap into the power of the alpha force,|the core energy of the universe.
{30736}{30955}{Y:i}Tap into the source! Each specially treated vial contains|four full grams of authentic stardust for only $19.95.
{30955}{31117}{Y:i}That's only nineteen dollars and ninety-five|cents for a vial of genuine stardust!
{31131}{31208}{Y:i}Tap into the source.|Order now!
{31340}{31462}- It wasn't real stardust.|- That's the point. You're running a scam.
{31463}{31601}Well, now that's a matter of interpretation|and the way I see it, I'm selling people, hope.
{31601}{31699}No, you're selling glitter shavings|in a tube for twenty bucks a pop.
{31699}{31748}Plus shipping and handling.
{31763}{32025}Look, you are a guest on this planet and as long as|you are a guest, you're gonna follow some rules.
{32025}{32117}Come on, a guys gotta make a living!
{32117}{32211}Next thing you know, you're gonna|tell me I can't publish my diet book.
{32211}{32296}It's an eat for your eye colour diet I just lined up a publisher.
{32296}{32424}We're killing the book deal and if you keep this up,|the next deal we kill is gonna be the one with you.
{32424}{32467}Fine, no more scams.
{32468}{32549}Teal'c is waiting to escort you out.
{32549}{32669}Yes, I... I appreciate|this second chance.
{32669}{32696}Third chance.
{32696}{32831}Are you sure? I could have|sworn it was, uh... Oh, right, Pepito.
{32871}{33024}Come this way! Do you play poker? Are you familiar with the game 21 ?
{33115}{33198}- May I offer you a word of advice?|- Hello...
{33198}{33298}Any input that would help me better|myself, would be gratefully appreciated.
{33298}{33418}Perhaps three words:|be less annoying.
{33422}{33525}And if you have no intention of reforming|your ways, which I suspect, that you do not.
{33526}{33592}Perhaps it is best that you have nothing|more to do with your daughter.
{33593}{33730}Let me tell you something, big boy. My daughter and|I have an understanding. An unspoken bond that...
{33730}{33765}She'll get over it.
{33779}{33937}Vala! Are you free on Friday night?! Say yes,|I got two tickets to this Virginia Dialogue Show.
{33937}{34026}I don't know much about it,|but the tickets are very hard to get!
{34026}{34191}- To think, I was just starting to believe in you!|- I'm trying to change! It's an ongoing process!
{34331}{34394}So what are you doing, Friday night?
{34522}{34597}- Well, that's the last of them.|- Thank you.
{34598}{34706}Vala! Um, have a seat, please.
{34830}{34944}- How you doing?|- Fine! Why wouldn't I be?
{34945}{35004}Well, you're obviously disappointed.
{35005}{35117}Oh, right, yeah, no, not in Jacek.|His actions didn't really surprise me.
{35117}{35228}More in myself for even considering|the possibility that he might be telling the truth.
{35230}{35330}- Maybe he was.|- No, he lied. He said that he was trying to change.
{35330}{35401}Well change isn't easy.|I think you of all people should know that.
{35402}{35542}Right. So you wanna draw parallels between|him and I. Our equally disreputable pasts,
{35542}{35604}our similar desires to reform.
{35604}{35648}Yeah, there's that.
{35648}{35773}Daniel, I'm a different person than I was|two years ago, because I genuinely wanted to change.
{35773}{35842}I didn't see it as a means of escape.
{35842}{35995}No. So you're telling me, your decision had nothing to do|with the desire to stop running and live a semi-normal life.
{36036}{36114}- You don't know Jacek, the way I do.|- No, you're right.
{36114}{36182}In fact, you probably know|him better than you think.
{36182}{36225}After all, you,|better than anybody,
{36225}{36368}must know what it's like to have to resist|the temptation of falling back on your old ways.
{36401}{36486}I'm sure it hasn't been|easy for you, either.
{36596}{36665}Jacek, it's Vala!
{36683}{36793}- Shall we come back?|- Nooo!
{36812}{36851}Excuse me.
{37034}{37082}Too easy.
{37354}{37417}Hello?!|He's not in here.
{37439}{37488}I knew it.
{37521}{37629}He's removed his ankle monitor.|I told you he's been playing you for fools all along.
{37629}{37729}- Actually, you were starting to believe him, too.|- If he's decided to leave, it's unlikely we'll find him again.
{37729}{37766}I wouldn't be so sure about that.
{37766}{37906}In his initial physical, Dr Lam implanted him|with a Subcutaneous Transmitter, just in case.
{37990}{38098}- You didn't trust him, but you talked me into|coming here, anyway!    - He's not my father.
{38098}{38139}Sam, it's Daniel.
{38310}{38377}- What's going on ?|- Jacek's on the run.
{38377}{38475}His locator signal places him approximately|six miles west of Colorado Springs.
{38476}{38615}- Have we dispatched a team to the area?|- Yeah. Daniel and Vala just got there. Daniel?
{38633}{38701}We've parked and|we're proceeding on foot.
{38874}{38936}You're headed right for him.
{39047}{39136}One... Let's start over again.|There's seven total.
{39136}{39245}Three for you, three for me.|One for me is for the house, as we call it.
{39246}{39327}- Didn't know your father had any friends here on Earth.|- Neither did I.
{39327}{39435}You can't go back on this deal.|We had an arrangement...
{40034}{40158}Jacek was carrying that with him. It's a short range|communicator, he probably used to contact the Jaffa.
{40159}{40218}No doubt he snuck it in|with his personal effects.
{40218}{40316}Turns out, we didn't destroy all of|the ships intended for the attack.
{40316}{40466}One of them was dispatched early and it's been sitting|somewhere here on Earth, waiting for the order to strike.
{40467}{40512}And he knew this all along?
{40512}{40597}He got his intel from some heavily involved Jaffa who|were having second thoughts about the whole thing.
{40597}{40709}Apparently, he knew them from some weapon|smuggling operation he used to run.
{40709}{40790}He found out about the cargo ships and made|a deal with us, so he could come to Earth.
{40791}{40958}Where he made a deal with the Jaffa, they'd|give him the naquadah, he would sell it and|they would split the proceeds. Nice and tidy.
{40958}{41100}- Where's this cargo ship located?   - He doesn't know.|The Jaffa he was with was his contact and he's gone, so...
{41101}{41162}Can't we just locate this cargo|ship the same way we did the others?
{41163}{41188}No, that won't work this time.
{41188}{41295}This particular cargo ship is cloaked, so doing|an orbital scan won't reveal any trace of the naquadah.
{41295}{41418}But Jacek claims that Arkad marked the naquadah to|make sure that none of his men'd try to double cross him.
{41419}{41552}He says he can calibrate our detection systems|to pick up its unique energy signature.
{41557}{41633}Just out of interest.|What did he ask for in return?
{41634}{41775}Uh, we recover the naquadah, we give it|to him, he sells it and we split the profits 50/50.
{41789}{41838}And what was your counter offer?
{41838}{41989}He gets zero and we don't lock him away|for the rest of his life. He took the offer.
{42158}{42243}See, you've guessed too wide a variance.
{42262}{42380}- If you just narrow the parameters.|- Narrow the... parameters?
{42398}{42522}- That's genius.|- I don't know about genius. It's just, marginally brilliant.
{42522}{42635}- Now if I can just figure out how to sink it up.|- I'm sure it'll come to you.
{42640}{42732}- So, how are the readings coming along?|- Slowly.
{42732}{42845}It's no wonder. I don't mind telling you,|I'm a bit disappointed in this facility.
{42845}{42930}- I was expecting more.|- Well, at times, so do we.
{42931}{43048}But the truth is, the Stargate Program just doesn't|get the support it used to, from the people in charge.
{43048}{43186}- Why not?|- Eureka! One down, twelve to go.
{43196}{43350}That's too bad, because, after all your Stargate|Program has accomplished for this network of planets.
{43350}{43460}I would think the decision makers|would show it the respect it deserves.
{43576}{43687}Say, how would you like to go out|to dinner with me, once this is all over?
{43700}{43767}- Oh, I don't think so.|- Why not ?
{43767}{43949}Well, I'm an incredibly busy person, with|very little free time. Oh! And you're a jerk!
{43949}{44019}Oh, of course there's that.
{44020}{44159}I'm sorry I had to trick you, but if you'd known what|I had planned, you'd have never let me on this planet.
{44159}{44208}I'm talking about|the way you treated Vala.
{44208}{44346}To think that for the first time since she was|a child, she was actually beginning to trust you.
{44509}{44569}- Hi, just calling to remind you about dinner tonight.|- Dinner? Tonight?
{44569}{44639}{Y:i}- Hi, just calling to remind you about dinner tonight.|- Dinner? Tonight?
{44640}{44692}You forgot?
{44724}{44791}No, no. No. It's just that something very important|has come up. I think we might be better off rescheduling.
{44791}{44846}{Y:i}No, no. No. It's just that something very important|has come up. I think we might be better off rescheduling.
{44847}{44909}Mom heads back, tomorrow|morning. We can't reschedule.
{44909}{44993}I'm dealing with|a major situation here.
{45074}{45176}Ok, what do you want me to tell her?
{45242}{45312}Tell her I'll be there.
{45372}{45476}Sir, we finished calibrating the device|and we've got a lock on their location.
{45476}{45576}They're approximately 30 miles|outside of... Cheyenne mountain.
{45669}{45752}It seems that one of|their targets was the Stargate.
{45848}{45928}Tell them I'll send in some tactical units.
{45928}{46018}I wouldn't! If the Jaffa suspect|they're about to be compromised,
{46018}{46090}I have no doubt they'll detonate the naquadah.
{46090}{46213}I would suggest using a little stealth|and cunning, to take them offguard.
{46213}{46291}- And I'd be happy to help out.|- No thanks.
{46306}{46430}Well, like it or not, you're gonna need my help.|Some of these Jaffa know me. They trust me.
{46440}{46548}And there's also the matter of the rigged cargo ship.
{46568}{46630}This is the first I've heard of it, sir.
{46630}{46728}Are you sure? I thought I'd mentioned it.|According to Ter'ak,
{46728}{46861}the cargo ship is rigged to blow in|the event anyone tries to move it.
{46874}{46980}Now, fortunately for you,|I have the override code.
{47017}{47150}Please, General, let me help.|Give me this one final shot at redemption.
{47251}{47393}This is nice. It reminds me of that|afternoon we spent on Seras Dia.
{47393}{47515}- Running for our lives from the authorities?|- You've gotta admit it was great daddy-daughter time.
{47515}{47613}As I recall, we would not have been on the run,|had you not been greedy and gone back for seconds.
{47613}{47735}- I couldn't help myself!|- You couldn't even pull off this simple naquadah deal
{47735}{47856}- ...without complicating things with your silly|little side scams. You always were so sloppy.    - Vala.
{47857}{47895}{Y:i}- ...without complicating things with your silly|little side scams. You always were so sloppy.    - Vala?
{47946}{47976}Yes, Sam.
{47976}{48073}The naquadah signal is emanating|approximately half mile north of your position.
{48073}{48176}{Y:i}I'll confirm visual sighting.|Requesting radio silence.
{48200}{48322}{Y:i}Stargate Command, this is Teal'c. I have|delivered the package to the appointed area.
{48322}{48422}Good.|Keep me apprised of any developments.
{48440}{48517}Sir, do you have to be somewhere?
{48634}{48725}Whatever happened to that boy you used to like?|The one whose father was a merchant?
{48725}{48807}- I always thought you two would end up together.|- Verran Karm.
{48807}{48915}- We were ten. And he moved away.|- Oh, that's too bad!
{48915}{49013}- I saw a lot of potential in him.    - Can you stop|trying to endear yourself to me? As far as I'm concerned,
{49013}{49115}you're a lost cause and I wouldn't be surprised if you|were somehow involved in Arkad's plot against Earth.
{49115}{49231}- Oh, that would be low, even for me.|- I've no idea what you're capable of.
{49375}{49468}Hey fellas, it's me, Jacek.
{49470}{49579}Uh, me and my partner, actually|my daughter isn't she pretty?
{49579}{49692}- We're here to check out the merchandise. Is that okay?|- There's been a change of plans, Jacek,
{49692}{49809}and unfortunately, you're no longer|part of this new arrangement.
{50027}{50086}{Y:i}- Oh, Jacek, you idiot!|- That's the signal.
{50086}{50107}- Oh, Jacek, you idiot!|- That's the signal.
{50107}{50149}Let's go.
{50324}{50423}There's no need for you to carry on|with your attack, because Arkad is dead and
{50423}{50545}there's no need to sacrifice yourselves.|- Or the naquadah! Let's talk deal!
{50545}{50661}I believe that was Tor'aks intention,|before he disappeared.
{50661}{50788}Really? I hope he's alright!|He probably just got lost, these woods are very confusing.
{50788}{50899}- You can get turned around so easily|- Enough!
{50899}{50999}Wait! I can't watch my daughter die.
{51042}{51130}I can't watch me die, either.
{51327}{51355}Thanks, honey.
{51395}{51447}Vala! Get to the ship!
{52005}{52071}I've located the cargo ship.
{52098}{52252}Hold it. The naquadah on that ship is rigged to blow,|unless I imput the override code Ter'ak gave me.
{52252}{52371}- Alright, I'm coming with you.|- No! I'm not gonna risk your life, too!
{52372}{52464}Listen to your father for once!
{52486}{52593}Here, in case I don't make it.
{53392}{53462}Oh drat!
{53897}{53999}Sorry sweetheart,|there never was an override code.
{53999}{54108}Take care of yourself.|Daddy loves you!
{54533}{54610}- You ok?|- Yes.
{54610}{54714}- Did everything go as planned?|- Did on our end. Sam?
{54723}{54790}The real cargo ship is secure.
{54825}{54915}Guess we won't be needing that override code?
{54915}{54956}- No you won't.|- Sorry, Vala.
{54956}{55017}{Y:i}- No you won't.|- Sorry, Vala.
{55024}{55074}Come on.
{55076}{55105}{Y:i}-  We're all good, sir.|- Glad to hear it. Good job SG1. Ah...
{55105}{55197}-  We're all good, sir.|- Glad to hear it. Good job SG1. Ah...
{55199}{55241}Landry out!
{55746}{55844}-  You're late.|- I got away as soon as I could.
{55849}{55898}You're here...
{55942}{56018}and that's what counts.
{56158}{56254}- Thank you for coming.|- Thank you for inviting me.
{56330}{56405}- Carolyn.|- Dad.
{56436}{56524}We... have a lot to talk about.
{56564}{56641}We do, Kim.
{56759}{56857}Well, you've had long enough|to look over the merchandise.
{56857}{56983}What are you offering for this cargo ship|full of weapons grade naquadah?
{56983}{57128}You mean a cargo ship full of lead|bars and and these things.
{57144}{57295}Oh, this is a surprise|they've included the Jebaran virility enhancers.
{57295}{57420}Well! That's a bonus!|Go ahead, try a sample.
{57556}{57656}I understand they're very powerfull
{57678}{57754}Can you feel up working?
{57886}{57950}Yes, I can.
{57950}{58072}Let's talk deal!|I may keep a couple of these for myself.
{58072}{58169}Better to have them and not need them,|than to need them and not have them,
{58385}{58467}We talk the same language, right?
{59284}{59336}Just a minute!
{59578}{59621}Come in!
{59638}{59720}- Hi!|- Hi! What's this?
{59720}{59813}- Girls night in.|- Nice.
{59879}{59979}- So how are you doing?|- Great!
{59981}{60078}Yeah, wonderful. Everything went according to plan.|We led Jacek to the decoy ship,
{60078}{60202}while you secured the real one.|He scammed us, but we scammed him better.
{60329}{60426}- So where are the boys tonight?|- Uh, Cameron has a date,
{60426}{60528}Daniel's exhausted and|Teal'c got tickets to some show.
{60649}{60785}{Y:i}My girlfriends and I talk about a lot of things.|There's just one topic we rarely discuss...
{60785}{60877}{Y:i}vaginas.|And I ask myself, why is that?
{60877}{60935}{Y:i}Why don't we talk about vaginas?
{60935}{61083}{Y:i}Why are work and kids and holiday plans, more|acceptable topics of conversation, than our own vaginas?
{61083}{61189}{Y:i}And I didn't have an answer.|So, I took it upon myself to find out.
{61190}{61322}{Y:i}I started to talk about vaginas at work, at home.|Sometimes even at fancy restaurants.
{61322}{61422}{Y:i}Soon, my friends started to talk about vaginas,|as well, and it was only a matter of time,
{61422}{61534}{Y:i}before it became a hot conversation topic.|No matter where I went, it was vagina this,
{61534}{61629}{Y:i}vagina that, vagina, vagina, vagina...
{61678}{61728}* Rapidity *
{61728}{61778}* Effectiveness *
{61778}{62028}* Projet-SG *|