They cancelled it, really?
I didn't even know the new season had started.
- Well, that's something you don't see every day.
- Uh... Yes sir!
It's a nice outfit.
- It's very, uh...
- Civilian?
Well, yeah, that's one way of putting it...
Uh so, what is this?
Girls day out?
Well, yes. If I'm gonna
integrate into earth society,
we thought it was very important that
I immerse myself in the local cultural offerings.
- And by cultural offerings, you mean...?
- Pedicures, mochachinos and... Victoria Secret.
Well, we're scheduled to go offworld in about
an hour and though you both look... fantastic,
I suggest you might wanna lose the heels.
Unscheduled offworld activation.
Ladies first.
Sir, we're receiving a video transmission.
Let's see it.
Hello... hello?
Is this thing working?!
This is General Landry of Stargate Command.
Oh General!
It is a pleasure.
I don't get out to
your end of the galaxy much, but
I have a friend who lives in the area and
he speaks very highly of your people.
Now, maybe you know him,
a friendly little guy with a beard.
Lives on a planet formerly occupied by a female system Lord...
I don't, uh...
Um Bro'vac... Ro'bac.
Does the name sound familiar?
No, it doesn't.
Now, what's this about?
Sir, I have some information for you,
information that could impact
the very survival of your world.
You know this man?
A little... he's my father.
Stargate SG-1 - Season 10 Episode 18
"Family Ties"
Synchronisation: Flo, Goretex,
Malikay, Ricana, Tchetchene.
Edition: Flo, Goretex, Malikay, Ricana, Tchetchene.
Transcript :
Relecture: Niko.
Vala! Is that you?
Yes, it is!
Sweetheart, how is life treating you?
Certainly better than you ever did!
I suppose for the benefit of your friends, you're gonna
want to list all the reasons why I was such a bad father.
Oh, I wish I could, but a wormhole
can only be maintained for 38 minutes.
You've got your father's wit.
It's hardly enough time to cover your inadequacies
as both a parent and a Human being in general.
And your mother's uncanny
ability to hold a grudge.
You said you had some information for us?
Yes! Let me through and we'll discuss.
Alright, provided Vala will vouch for you.
I most certainly will not.
You'll want to hear this.
The information I have, has to do
with Arkad's plot to attack your planet.
Arkad is dead.
Well, he may be dead but the threat
he set in motion still exists.
Take your time, there's no pressure,
just that your whole planet could
very well blow up at any moment.
Chevron 6 encoded.
So what's the deal with the accent,
or in your father's case, the lack thereof?
Well, the accent, like most of my other good qualities,
I got from my mother. My charm, my wit, my good looks...
What'd you get from your dad?
Some minor food allergies.
Chevron 7 locked.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Of course you do!
That's because I raised
you to be cautious, wary.
Mother raised me.
Which one?
My... mother!
Oh, right.
- Hug for daddy?
- You're lucky I'm not allowed to kill you.
Well, so much for happy family reunions.
What do you know about Arkad
and the attacks he was planning?
Quite a lot and I'm prepared to tell you everything
I know, in exchange for sanctuary on Earth.
There's the angle.
Ok, I was a terrible husband, and admittedly, probably
not the best father figure, although I've seen worse.
But I've put all that behind me, because
I'm trying to change. Trying to better myself.
Which is why I'm here now, risking my life
to tell you that, before Arkad died,
he sent out several naquadah loaded cargo
ships in preparation for an attack on Earth.
And those cargo ships,
my friends, are still out there,
waiting to be launched.
And I know their location.
Can't you see what he's doing?
He's spent an entire lifetime,
Can't you see what he's doing?
He's spent an entire lifetime,
taking advantage of people, and now
that they're finally catching up with him,
he thinks he can use us
to hide from his enemies.
But that's not really the issue here.
Sam's right, if...
Jacek is telling the truth
and there are still a bunch of naquadah loaded
cargo ships out there, then this deal is a no-brainer.
If he is telling the truth.
Thus far, the Jaffa have been unable
to corroborate any part of his story.
Well they wouldn't, if Arkad was careful enough to cover his tracks.
If the threat is real, we can't let
any of those cargo ships blow up.
Time is of the essence.
Well, there is one way to find out
if he's being straight with us.
Alright, check it out.
If his intel is good,
then Jacek has himself a deal.
Doctor Lam?
As you were, sergeant.
Carolyn, I've been thinking.
Ah, see... now, whenever you preface what you're about
to say whit "I've been thinking", what you're actually doing
is preparing me for some revelation you just had,
so should I be sitting down for this?
It's been a while, since
I last spoke to your Mother.
Yeah, a little over five years.
We were married for twelve.
What brought this on all of a sudden?
Well, I've been thinking about it,
ever since you came to work here.
About reaching out to your Mother.
At least opening up some
kind of communication with her.
So, how do you wanna do this?
I was thinking about giving her a call.
Just like that?
Just out of the blue?
She's in Europe for
a couple of weeks, so...
when she gets back, why don't
I call her and put in a good word for you?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You've come all this way for nothing.
The cargo ships won't be there.
My Father will have played you all for fools
and this will all have been a giant waste of time.
Not entirely. If the ships aren't
there, we'll have called his bluff
and you can tell us that
you were right all along.
Bet I will.
Entering high orbit.
What have we got?
We're picking up only twelve
life signs on the planet surface.
That's it?
We're also picking up
a significant concentration of naquadah.
These readings are through the roof!
Looks like the intel's good.
Sir, we're picking up movement.
We've been detected.
They're making a break for it.
Those ships must not be allowed to escape.
Lock onto their position and fire.
Yes, sir.
Missiles are tracking.
Impact in five seconds.
One. Impact.
I'm reading a massive secondary explosion.
How much naquadah was down there?
General, you're making a terrible mistake!
Oh, with all... due respect!
It's not too late to change your mind.
I made a deal!
I'm not going back on my word.
Then, might I suggest a more liberal
interpretation of the agreement?
For instance, the word, sanctuary,
could mean anything from accomodations
in an idylic tropical setting,
to, say, a lifetimes incarceration
in one of this planets
more unpleasant penal facilities.
Forget it.
Ok, I'll go back for
the rest of my stuff later.
I tell ya, travel is becoming
more and more difficult every day.
I'm General Landry.
Jacek, welcome to Earth.
A fresh start on a brand new world!
I have a feeling I'm going
to like it here very much!
Come in!
- This came for you, today. - Ah, since when
did you assume mail delivery duties at the base?
It's from your Father.
I'll just file that away for later.
It's been three weeks
since he came to Earth
and you've ignored every attempt
he's made to get in touch with you.
Well, I've been terribly busy.
I think family should always come first.
I learned that the hard way.
How? Were you absent for the first
three years of your daughter's life,
- because you were too busy running
scams out of the Nilas sector? - No,
but I did allow my career to take precedent over
the things that should have been more important to me.
Birthdays, anniversarys.
My daughter's graduation.
No offence, General, but
there really is no comparison.
You had a legitimate occupation.
My Father's career choice was decidedly less noble.
He'd be gone for months at a time, only to return
to lay low or to hide from the people he had swindled.
What were things like
when he was at home?
Well, I...
actually looked forward to the times
that he would grace us with his presence.
I was young and he was my father.
Sometimes he'd return late,
in the middle of the night,
and I would wait to find him
asleep at the foot of my bed.
I was so excited, I couldn't wait
until morning, and I would
prod him awake and make him tell
me all about his great adventures.
He'd always have something for me, too.
A fancy ring, a pretty necklace.
Things that he'd bring back from his
many travels. I treasured those keepsakes.
Memories of my father, that
I kept stored away, under my bed.
Until I was old enough to see
them for what they really were:
Worthless trinkets
mean't to curry my favour.
He might feel differently about that.
You don't know him.
No, I don't.
But I do know that he...
spent every day of the last three weeks,
trying to get in touch with you.
Which tells me that you must
be very important to him.
Possibly, much more than you know.
You have some good memories of the times
you spent together, when you were a little girl.
Those times count, too.
Ah, Colonel Mitchell, Doctor Jackson!
Thanks for coming! Entrez!
- Are we interrupting something?
- No, we're just enjoying a quiet little....
- B10.
- Bingooo!
- B10? - Alright, ladies, we've
gotta call it a day. Come on!
- Pay the winner!
- I never win.
Read 'em and weep!
All fair and square.
Every Tuesday and Thursday,
I host a little bingo afternoon for some
of the seniors in the building.
Gets them out of their apartments.
Thank you!
No running in the hall!
It gives them a chance to socialize.
It's good for them.
No loud parties after midnight!
- Bless their decrepit little hearts.
- That's it.
Be careful. A lot of cross
traffic in the halls, today.
Whoa, whoa, Hazel!
You're a little light!
Money confuses her,
when it's going out.
See you next time.
Oh, uh... Same time Thursday, and to make
up for today, I'm waiving the cover charge!
Yes, settling in quite nicely, thanks.
Yeah, we heard you haven't
exactly been a model citizen.
I'm not sure what you're referring to.
The charity phone scam.
Little Pepito needs a new set of kidneys.
Right, well, see... uh, the Airforce
provides me with a mere pittance.
It's hardly enough to live on.
I'm just looking to supplement my income.
Ok, there have been a few lapses in
judgement, but darn it, I'm working on it
and I just wish Vala could see that!
That's where you guys come in.
- Yeah, we figured that's why you asked us over.
- Well, you're her friends, she trusts you.
You want us to talk to her for you.
Well, I was going to suggest
tricking her into coming here, but
if you really think talking will work...
Please guys, I really
need to see my little girl.
If it's a matter of expenses, we can talk
about that later, if you get my drift.
We're not putting anything on paper of course,
but uh... give it some thought, I appreciate it.
Good news!
Uh, I got a call from Mom and she will
be in Colorado Springs on Friday.
- She will! - Yes, she's passing through
and she's agreed to have dinner with you.
- She has!
- Well, so long as I come along, yeah.
- Ok, I thought you'd be thrilled.
- Oh, no, I am. That's uh...
- that's great news.
- Ok!
So, I'll make a dinner reservation
for Friday night, somewhere nice.
- Uh huh.
- Ok!
Oh, um, and you know that brown sports jacket
that you have, with the patches on the sleeves?
- Uh huh.
- Don't wear that.
- Where've you been?
- Uh, your father's place.
So, he wanted you to talk to me
on his behalf, didn't he?
- Yeah. Look, he really wants...
- You needn't bother.
- Look, you two obviously have some unresolved issues...
- I've already decided to pay him a visit.
Oh! devils!
I'm coming!
- Well, this is a surprise!
- I have not come seeking reconciliation,
or some deeper understanding of your
contemptible behaviour in my formative years.
I have come for one thing
and one thing, only.
- Well, if it's chicken casserole, you're in luck,
because I just... - Catharsis. To that end...
How dare you implicate yourself
in my life after all these years!
You were never there for Mother, even though
you always expected us to be there for you,
whenever you needed a place to hide or
capital to help set up one of your latest scams.
My life has been a constant struggle against
the personal issues that you seeded!
And now that I am at Stargate Command
and I am finally happy with who I am,
you think you can come along and jeopardise
everything I've worked so hard to achieve!
Under no circumstances will I allow
you to screw that up for me!
Wow! Did you rehearse that?
A little.
I'm done.
That's it? You're gonna leave? But I made pie!
Well, I've said everything I needed to say.
But if it was just a matter of
getting that all off your chest,
you could have just as easily sent me a letter.
But you went to the effort to come see me.
Coming here was...
only to please my friends at Stargate Command and
stop them from giving me any more unsolicited advice.
Yes, it must be wonderful to have
friends who care about you.
Who support you in times of need.
Who... believe in you.
I have earned their trust.
At least you had the opportunity.
You won't even give me that.
You don't deserve it.
I don't suppose there's anything I could say
or do that would convince you that I'm not lying.
That I'm honestly trying to change!
No, there isn't.
Well then, before you go.
This is for you!
I got it from a trader on Maronat.
You know, that little world with
the twin suns, I used to take you to.
- I remember, Maronat.
- Do you still have your little treasure box?
Where you would store all the little gifts I used
to bring you, when you were just a little girl.
No, I threw that away a long time ago.
I understand.
Well, thanks for coming,
and even though it's too late,
I want you to know. I'm sorry.
- Having second thoughts?
- No...
I think the door is locked.
Ah! It sticks a little.
- There you go.
- Bye Jacek.
For once, in the last twenty years,
could you call me Dad?
You haven't earned that right, yet.
- Yet!
- I'll be in touch!
- Yet!
- I'll be in touch!
I think you're gonna want to see this.
I found this on the internet.
It's time to tap into the source,
by unlocking the power of stardust!
Yes, genuine stardust. The very same stardust,
celebrities and professional athletes use.
To tap into the power of the alpha force,
the core energy of the universe.
Tap into the source! Each specially treated vial contains
four full grams of authentic stardust for only $19.95.
That's only nineteen dollars and ninety-five
cents for a vial of genuine stardust!
Tap into the source.
Order now!
- It wasn't real stardust.
- That's the point. You're running a scam.
Well, now that's a matter of interpretation
and the way I see it, I'm selling people, hope.
No, you're selling glitter shavings
in a tube for twenty bucks a pop.
Plus shipping and handling.
Look, you are a guest on this planet and as long as
you are a guest, you're gonna follow some rules.
Come on, a guys gotta make a living!
Next thing you know, you're gonna
tell me I can't publish my diet book.
It's an eat for your eye colour diet I just lined up a publisher.
We're killing the book deal and if you keep this up,
the next deal we kill is gonna be the one with you.
Fine, no more scams.
Teal'c is waiting to escort you out.
Yes, I... I appreciate
this second chance.
Third chance.
Are you sure? I could have
sworn it was, uh... Oh, right, Pepito.
Come this way! Do you play poker? Are you familiar with the game 21 ?
- May I offer you a word of advice?
- Hello...
Any input that would help me better
myself, would be gratefully appreciated.
Perhaps three words:
be less annoying.
And if you have no intention of reforming
your ways, which I suspect, that you do not.
Perhaps it is best that you have nothing
more to do with your daughter.
Let me tell you something, big boy. My daughter and
I have an understanding. An unspoken bond that...
She'll get over it.
Vala! Are you free on Friday night?! Say yes,
I got two tickets to this Virginia Dialogue Show.
I don't know much about it,
but the tickets are very hard to get!
- To think, I was just starting to believe in you!
- I'm trying to change! It's an ongoing process!
So what are you doing, Friday night?
- Well, that's the last of them.
- Thank you.
Vala! Um, have a seat, please.
- How you doing?
- Fine! Why wouldn't I be?
Well, you're obviously disappointed.
Oh, right, yeah, no, not in Jacek.
His actions didn't really surprise me.
More in myself for even considering
the possibility that he might be telling the truth.
- Maybe he was.
- No, he lied. He said that he was trying to change.
Well change isn't easy.
I think you of all people should know that.
Right. So you wanna draw parallels between
him and I. Our equally disreputable pasts,
our similar desires to reform.
Yeah, there's that.
Daniel, I'm a different person than I was
two years ago, because I genuinely wanted to change.
I didn't see it as a means of escape.
No. So you're telling me, your decision had nothing to do
with the desire to stop running and live a semi-normal life.
- You don't know Jacek, the way I do.
- No, you're right.
In fact, you probably know
him better than you think.
After all, you,
better than anybody,
must know what it's like to have to resist
the temptation of falling back on your old ways.
I'm sure it hasn't been
easy for you, either.
Jacek, it's Vala!
- Shall we come back?
- Nooo!
Excuse me.
Too easy.
He's not in here.
I knew it.
He's removed his ankle monitor.
I told you he's been playing you for fools all along.
- Actually, you were starting to believe him, too.
- If he's decided to leave, it's unlikely we'll find him again.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
In his initial physical, Dr Lam implanted him
with a Subcutaneous Transmitter, just in case.
- You didn't trust him, but you talked me into
coming here, anyway! - He's not my father.
Sam, it's Daniel.
- What's going on ?
- Jacek's on the run.
His locator signal places him approximately
six miles west of Colorado Springs.
- Have we dispatched a team to the area?
- Yeah. Daniel and Vala just got there. Daniel?
We've parked and
we're proceeding on foot.
You're headed right for him.
One... Let's start over again.
There's seven total.
Three for you, three for me.
One for me is for the house, as we call it.
- Didn't know your father had any friends here on Earth.
- Neither did I.
You can't go back on this deal.
We had an arrangement...
Jacek was carrying that with him. It's a short range
communicator, he probably used to contact the Jaffa.
No doubt he snuck it in
with his personal effects.
Turns out, we didn't destroy all of
the ships intended for the attack.
One of them was dispatched early and it's been sitting
somewhere here on Earth, waiting for the order to strike.
And he knew this all along?
He got his intel from some heavily involved Jaffa who
were having second thoughts about the whole thing.
Apparently, he knew them from some weapon
smuggling operation he used to run.
He found out about the cargo ships and made
a deal with us, so he could come to Earth.
Where he made a deal with the Jaffa, they'd
give him the naquadah, he would sell it and
they would split the proceeds. Nice and tidy.
- Where's this cargo ship located? - He doesn't know.
The Jaffa he was with was his contact and he's gone, so...
Can't we just locate this cargo
ship the same way we did the others?
No, that won't work this time.
This particular cargo ship is cloaked, so doing
an orbital scan won't reveal any trace of the naquadah.
But Jacek claims that Arkad marked the naquadah to
make sure that none of his men'd try to double cross him.
He says he can calibrate our detection systems
to pick up its unique energy signature.
Just out of interest.
What did he ask for in return?
Uh, we recover the naquadah, we give it
to him, he sells it and we split the profits 50/50.
And what was your counter offer?
He gets zero and we don't lock him away
for the rest of his life. He took the offer.
See, you've guessed too wide a variance.
- If you just narrow the parameters.
- Narrow the... parameters?
- That's genius.
- I don't know about genius. It's just, marginally brilliant.
- Now if I can just figure out how to sink it up.
- I'm sure it'll come to you.
- So, how are the readings coming along?
- Slowly.
It's no wonder. I don't mind telling you,
I'm a bit disappointed in this facility.
- I was expecting more.
- Well, at times, so do we.
But the truth is, the Stargate Program just doesn't
get the support it used to, from the people in charge.
- Why not?
- Eureka! One down, twelve to go.
That's too bad, because, after all your Stargate
Program has accomplished for this network of planets.
I would think the decision makers
would show it the respect it deserves.
Say, how would you like to go out
to dinner with me, once this is all over?
- Oh, I don't think so.
- Why not ?
Well, I'm an incredibly busy person, with
very little free time. Oh! And you're a jerk!
Oh, of course there's that.
I'm sorry I had to trick you, but if you'd known what
I had planned, you'd have never let me on this planet.
I'm talking about
the way you treated Vala.
To think that for the first time since she was
a child, she was actually beginning to trust you.
- Hi, just calling to remind you about dinner tonight.
- Dinner? Tonight?
- Hi, just calling to remind you about dinner tonight.
- Dinner? Tonight?
You forgot?
No, no. No. It's just that something very important
has come up. I think we might be better off rescheduling.
No, no. No. It's just that something very important
has come up. I think we might be better off rescheduling.
Mom heads back, tomorrow
morning. We can't reschedule.
I'm dealing with
a major situation here.
Ok, what do you want me to tell her?
Tell her I'll be there.
Sir, we finished calibrating the device
and we've got a lock on their location.
They're approximately 30 miles
outside of... Cheyenne mountain.
It seems that one of
their targets was the Stargate.
Tell them I'll send in some tactical units.
I wouldn't! If the Jaffa suspect
they're about to be compromised,
I have no doubt they'll detonate the naquadah.
I would suggest using a little stealth
and cunning, to take them offguard.
- And I'd be happy to help out.
- No thanks.
Well, like it or not, you're gonna need my help.
Some of these Jaffa know me. They trust me.
And there's also the matter of the rigged cargo ship.
This is the first I've heard of it, sir.
Are you sure? I thought I'd mentioned it.
According to Ter'ak,
the cargo ship is rigged to blow in
the event anyone tries to move it.
Now, fortunately for you,
I have the override code.
Please, General, let me help.
Give me this one final shot at redemption.
This is nice. It reminds me of that
afternoon we spent on Seras Dia.
- Running for our lives from the authorities?
- You've gotta admit it was great daddy-daughter time.
As I recall, we would not have been on the run,
had you not been greedy and gone back for seconds.
- I couldn't help myself!
- You couldn't even pull off this simple naquadah deal
- ...without complicating things with your silly
little side scams. You always were so sloppy. - Vala.
- ...without complicating things with your silly
little side scams. You always were so sloppy. - Vala?
Yes, Sam.
The naquadah signal is emanating
approximately half mile north of your position.
I'll confirm visual sighting.
Requesting radio silence.
Stargate Command, this is Teal'c. I have
delivered the package to the appointed area.
Keep me apprised of any developments.
Sir, do you have to be somewhere?
Whatever happened to that boy you used to like?
The one whose father was a merchant?
- I always thought you two would end up together.
- Verran Karm.
- We were ten. And he moved away.
- Oh, that's too bad!
- I saw a lot of potential in him. - Can you stop
trying to endear yourself to me? As far as I'm concerned,
you're a lost cause and I wouldn't be surprised if you
were somehow involved in Arkad's plot against Earth.
- Oh, that would be low, even for me.
- I've no idea what you're capable of.
Hey fellas, it's me, Jacek.
Uh, me and my partner, actually
my daughter isn't she pretty?
- We're here to check out the merchandise. Is that okay?
- There's been a change of plans, Jacek,
and unfortunately, you're no longer
part of this new arrangement.
- Oh, Jacek, you idiot!
- That's the signal.
- Oh, Jacek, you idiot!
- That's the signal.
Let's go.
There's no need for you to carry on
with your attack, because Arkad is dead and
there's no need to sacrifice yourselves.
- Or the naquadah! Let's talk deal!
I believe that was Tor'aks intention,
before he disappeared.
Really? I hope he's alright!
He probably just got lost, these woods are very confusing.
- You can get turned around so easily
- Enough!
Wait! I can't watch my daughter die.
I can't watch me die, either.
Thanks, honey.
Vala! Get to the ship!
I've located the cargo ship.
Hold it. The naquadah on that ship is rigged to blow,
unless I imput the override code Ter'ak gave me.
- Alright, I'm coming with you.
- No! I'm not gonna risk your life, too!
Listen to your father for once!
Here, in case I don't make it.
Oh drat!
Sorry sweetheart,
there never was an override code.
Take care of yourself.
Daddy loves you!
- You ok?
- Yes.
- Did everything go as planned?
- Did on our end. Sam?
The real cargo ship is secure.
Guess we won't be needing that override code?
- No you won't.
- Sorry, Vala.
- No you won't.
- Sorry, Vala.
Come on.
- We're all good, sir.
- Glad to hear it. Good job SG1. Ah...
- We're all good, sir.
- Glad to hear it. Good job SG1. Ah...
Landry out!
- You're late.
- I got away as soon as I could.
You're here...
and that's what counts.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for inviting me.
- Carolyn.
- Dad.
We... have a lot to talk about.
We do, Kim.
Well, you've had long enough
to look over the merchandise.
What are you offering for this cargo ship
full of weapons grade naquadah?
You mean a cargo ship full of lead
bars and and these things.
Oh, this is a surprise
they've included the Jebaran virility enhancers.
Well! That's a bonus!
Go ahead, try a sample.
I understand they're very powerfull
Can you feel up working?
Yes, I can.
Let's talk deal!
I may keep a couple of these for myself.
Better to have them and not need them,
than to need them and not have them,
We talk the same language, right?
Just a minute!
Come in!
- Hi!
- Hi! What's this?
- Girls night in.
- Nice.
- So how are you doing?
- Great!
Yeah, wonderful. Everything went according to plan.
We led Jacek to the decoy ship,
while you secured the real one.
He scammed us, but we scammed him better.
- So where are the boys tonight?
- Uh, Cameron has a date,
Daniel's exhausted and
Teal'c got tickets to some show.
My girlfriends and I talk about a lot of things.
There's just one topic we rarely discuss...
And I ask myself, why is that?
Why don't we talk about vaginas?
Why are work and kids and holiday plans, more
acceptable topics of conversation, than our own vaginas?
And I didn't have an answer.
So, I took it upon myself to find out.
I started to talk about vaginas at work, at home.
Sometimes even at fancy restaurants.
Soon, my friends started to talk about vaginas,
as well, and it was only a matter of time,
before it became a hot conversation topic.
No matter where I went, it was vagina this,
vagina that, vagina, vagina, vagina...
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